Enabled by IP Technologies

Healthcare industry is headed towards the total integration of data, voice and video on a single IP-based infrastructure.

VIP HealthConnect

Nevotek's proven IP Telephony solutions offers extensive voice and information services boosting up patient experience during their stay and simplify hospital operations in most effective and
cost-efficent way.

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Hospital IPTV Solutions

Offer your patients a better quality of their stay Nevotek's interactive IPTV system offers improved patient and visitor experience with high definition video streaming, TV and radio broadcasts and access to many value-added patient services.

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Mobile Patient Services

Nevotek mobile services offer enhanced patient services through custom-built mobile hospital apps, which can work both on patients’ personal devices and room-based hospital devices.

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Patient Education

Nevotek solutions offers a great platform for patient education and entertainment. Hospital TVs, telephones and mobile devices gives patients, visitors and staffs access to any multimedia content that hospital wants to deliver.

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Patient Comfort

Patient Comfort has the capability to integrate with several room management systems (including Inncom, Control4, Crestron, …). and provides access to these systems, enabling patients and nurses to control the lighting, curtains, air conditioning,

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High Speed Internet Access

Unilink HSIA solution provides patients and visitors with broadband Internet access in patient rooms and common areas.

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