Mobile Patient Services

Nevotek mobile services offer enhanced patient services through custom-built mobile hospital apps, which can work both on patients’ personal devices and room-based hospital devices.

  • All Platforms : Both iOS and Android tablets and mobile devices are supported
  • Elegant Design : Easy and intuitive use, responsive design and seamless real-time content update
  • Multilingual : Nemo cares about your global patients

  • Entertainment

    Nemo can interact with the hospital IPTV system for an enhanced TV experience through its well-designed mobile remote control services. Nemo has a unique interface for TV, video-on-demand and online radio to maximize in-room entertainment for your patients with an easy to use mobile app.


    Hospital can deliver any kind of information regarding their hospital, patient services and patient education. Nemo also provides online news and weather forecasts with real time updates.


    Patients can easily adjust lights, temperature and curtains in the room for their comfort as integrated with various Building Management Systems.


    Patients can give orders for in-room dinning if hospital has a food ordering service. Nemo, as a mobile channel, increases your revenues for ordering services.


    Hospital can either send messages to the patients during their stay, before admission or after discharge. Moreover Nemo can be used very effectively for receiving patient feedback through the surveys published on the Nemo reporting tool.