VIP HealthConnect

Nevotek's proven IP Telephony solutions offers extensive voice and information services boosting up patient experience during their stay and simplify hospital operations in most effective and cost-efficent way.

VIP HealthConnect is a complete solution for integrating hospital systems with voice and data seamlessly for patient satisfaction.

Product Highlights:

  • Integrated hospital management systems(HIS/CIS ) with IP Telephony Systems
  • Customized hospital phones for the hospital’s brand identity and services
  • Customized language and services for the patient profiles
  • Call restriction in vacant rooms
  • Voicemail and messaging system for patients and employees
  • Call accounting and reporting
  • IP Telephony services menu for phone directory, hospital guide, nutrition system, wake-up, weather etc.
  • Room control integrations
  • Fire/Emergency Alarm integrations
  • Multi-language support