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Voice Activated intelligent assistants allow guests access many smart services just by talking.

Voice Activated intelligent assistants allow guests to access hotel services just by talking to the in-room Amazon Alexa. Guests can control TV and room functions, request services like housekeeping or room service, ask for amenities and even place order for in room dining as easily as speaking out loud..

NevoAssist is designed to support hotels in empowering their guests to take more control of their hotel stay experience.

Control your Room Temperature, Lights, or TV with Voice Commands

Just like from several other Nevotek solutions, guest can control the room lighting, window shades and even the TV through Nevotek’s voice assistant platform. Voice commands are customized for each property based on the technology that exists in each room.

Personalized First Greeting

Alexa recognizes guests and greets them with special messages (including a happy birthday song or appreciation for their loyalty) 

Ask Directional Questions

Using NevoAssist, Alexa can help your guests find directions to the restaurant or spa. NevoAssist can also provide special event related information to members of defined groups or rooms in the PMS


Let Alexa Answers FAQs

Is your concierge staff tired of answering the same frequently asked questions including breakfast time and check out timeLet Amazon Alexa take over some load from their shoulders. Alexa answers FAQs with pre-defined answers.

Amenities and Room Service

NevoAssist and Alexa coordinate with housekeepers and kitchen team. When a guest requests for amenities or in-room dining, Alexa informs housekeepers and open a new task by email or .api integration. Charges are posted directly into the guest folio of the Property Management System. Orders can also be printed on staff/kitchen printers.

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