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NevoEdge is our Cloud based SaaS Interface integration and Edge processing solution. The system is designed to unlock the power of your data currently available in proprietary systems (e.g. PMS, CRM, HIS...) of hotels, hospitals and enterprise customers in a secure and cost-efficient way.

NevoEdge platform makes your propriety data in PMS/HIS systems available and if necessary shared securely, effectively, and conveniently with authorized clients and business partners of hotels, hospitals or enterprises. Nevotek rest.api connects one system to others with minimal effort and time. No development effort is required on the hotel or hospital systems. Nevotek’s very wide library of certified interfaces offer an unprecedented level of interfacing possibilities. Required data is conveniently shared over the secure cloud environment without additional effort. NevoEdge cloud services formats the data according to your interface specifications, removing the need for any development on your side.


NevoEdge includes our proprietary Appliance as a key component placed at the client location. It is simple “Plug in and Play”. The NevoEdge appliance is a self healing smart hardware that securely connect to the Nevotek Cloud with an encrypted connection. This technology requires no VPN connection and offers significant cost savings while keeping the security of data at maximum. Nevotek Cloud runs on Azure infrastructure and provides data streaming functionality in a scalable and cost- effective way with high availability and redundant topology.

Fully managed and self healing Appliance runs “Nevotek proprietary” software designed to secure and simplify the Cloud-to-site communications. It is PoE (Power over Ethernet) enabled and has self-diagnosing and healing capabilities. If needed auto-reset capabilities are also available without human interaction.

NevoEDGE is the key to access valuable data that can be used for improving guests’ loyalty and boost revenues by offering innovative personalized services.


Why Nevoedge

Hospitality industry have thousands of hotels with different PMS systems. Working with all those different PMS vendors is not easy, considering the below points:

  • Certification processes are not easy or quick and in many cases not possible.

  • Very frequently, there is a new PMS vendor and questions are raised if you can integrate with it.

  • Technology changes and tech systems get updated; it is hard to keep all sites up to date.

  • Hotels look for less interface with their existing core system, PMS.

  • New technologies and innovations come up every day to increase guest enchantment but adapting those new system is not easy.


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