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Enhancing employee experience with content-rich and high-quality interactive IPTVs.

Corporates need IPTV systems to inform and engage employees at multiple offices across organizations, especially for corporate presentations, annual meetings and live or on-demand training videos.


NevoTV is designed to help corporates deliver high-quality communication, training, and interaction services to their employees in different locations. NevoTV enables fully customizable content, value-added employee services and enhanced productivity to corporates by integrating 3rd party systems and devices.


Designed for all-industry corporates

NevoTV is an interactive IPTV application with TV channels, video content streaming and various integrated value-added services for enterprises.

Interactive services

Employees interact with a solution in their native language. Interactive services are customized based on users’ preferences along with user services such as in-room ordering, reminder, DND, guides, video, and text library, messaging and more.

With NevoCast, casting is easy as scanning QR code

Nevotek is pleased to introduce the new feature by integrating NevoTV solution with Chromecast and Apple TV. NevoCast enables you to enjoy personal content, cast your favorite app and even mirror laptop screen on office TVs. With NevoCast, network security is enforced as each room will have a designated private network.


Following up the technology

You can still use your corporate TVs as NevoTV is designed to work directly with a variety of TV manufacturers or external Set Top Boxes for older TV models. Your cable provider can stay as NevoTV works on Cable, IP, or hybrid TV channels distributions.

Flexibility to integrate with third party systems

With NevoTV, you do more than surf channels. Nevotek integrates TVs with third party systems such as room control, so you can control lights, window blinds and air condition via TV, order from cafeteria with Building Management Systems integration as well as management can also notify meeting rooms and offices in case of an emergency such as fire.

Touchless new normal

With Covid 19, all industries are in more demand for touchless solutions for their employees and visitors. NevoTV allows users control in-room TV with their personal mobile device by scanning a QR code on their TV main screen. For more information about Nevotek Touchless solution, please click here for NevoTouchless.

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