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The advanced call accounting and billing solution for corporates


Process phone call records of IP-PBX, process data on graphics tools, consolidate billing details of the tenants’ internal/external calls, do trend analysis, reports, web-based management.


Corporates need to maintain visibility to improve their business efficiencies and control costs by monitoring corporate call traffic on their telephone systems. NG Sigma5™ is an advanced call accounting and billing solution for companies that enables monitoring and managing call expenses effectively, reducing costs and increasing employee productivity. It works integrated with unified communications platforms, Cisco Unified Call Manager, Cisco Call Manager Express and Avaya PABX.


Scalable from small businesses to large enterprises with multiple tenants / sites, NG Sigma 5 provides advanced web-based solution for call control and monitoring. Multi language supported NG Sigma 5 enables companies to perform call analysis on outgoing, incoming, and internal calls, through customizable reports and filterable daily dashboards.


With advanced features like call data collection, data processing on graphic tools, flexible and different levels of tariffing, monthly quota allocations, re-calculations and rich reporting features, Sigma 5 is a proactive, reliable, and flexible solution for corporates.

Detailed filtering

Sigma5 gives you clear picture of call traffic all over your organization. With active directory integration, you can generate reports based on department, branch, destination, type, and many others filtering options. With detailed filtering, Sigma5 will give exactly what phones you are looking for.

Scheduled reports

Financial teams are already struggling with reports, so why to ask them generate call reports as well. Sigma5 creates timely based reports for specific group of extensions or departments and emails to related team members on desired day/time of the month.


Pre-defined and custom reports

Sigma5 comes with many useful pre-defined reports and allows you to create your own customer report based on your special needs. Sigma5 works on Microsoft reporting tool which is easy to create customer reports with build-in report builder.


Carrier based billing

Carriers may apply different prices to customers, Sigma5 calculates costs, based on gateways, and lets you to compare the bills from carriers. By analyzing bills, you can consider changing the calling plans and even the carrier, if needed. With Sigma5 you will have a clear picture on your corporate’s phone expenses.


Quota Management

In trouble with high phone bills from your carrier? Sigma5 allows you set limits on the phone calls. Team managers can assign monthly quotes to employees according to their positions. When given quota is reached, Sigma5 applies limits on outgoing calls.,

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