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Enhance your patients’ visits in each area of hospital with your digital signage system.


Digital signages in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities are very powerful tools for the convenience of patients and their visitors.


Improve your patients’ visits in every area of your hospital with digital signage screens. Publish 24/7 dynamic content on digital displays in the lobby, common areas and elevators- run ads, promote your services and TV streams with multi-language support.

No Need to Buy Expensive Signage Screens

Signage Screens retail for thousands of dollars, and SuperSign can save you this price by working across different sizes of Healthcare TVs, Android tablets and mini-PCs.

Designer Tool

Nevotek SuperSign is a digital signage solution with a built-in design tool to design your perfect display. Alternatively, use one of our ready to use templates – just pick your display components, and landscape orientation and you are ready to go.

Content Management Server

With SuperSign’s web-based content management module, signage operators can create playlists for multiple designs that can either play on a loop or play at a specific time. Assigning these playlists to signage screens are as simple as drag and drop. Future playlist or instant playlist are supported to automatize the playlist distribution.

Meeting List and Meeting Room Management

SuperSign has a built-in meeting and meeting room information management system to assist attendees with booking their rooms. Each meeting room display can show the current meeting details, along with future schedule and a countdown indicator. Meanwhile overall scheduling information for each room along with directional information may be displayed at a central location in public areas.


Integration with Other Systems

SuperSign is integrated with other systems to automize the signage management process. SuperSign server integrates with Hospital Management System (HIS) to collect patient info and display patient and treatment details on patient room doors.


Also, SuperSign can be used in clinic rooms with doctor details by collecting doctor schedules from third party systems, and directional information can be displayed on common areas.

Emergency Announcement Along with SuperSign

SuperSign screens can also be used for emergency announcement by integrating with emergency notification and fire alarm systems. In case of any evacuation alert images pop up on signage screens guiding people on the floor to specific instructions. Scheduled maintenance, cleaning, and other messages can just easily be displayed.

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