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High Speed Internet Access and Billing Solution


Delivering secure, reliable, fast internet access to

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with Cisco Meraki  



Hotel Brands


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Reliable and secure Internet access in hotel rooms and common areas are mandatory for an engaging guest experience. Unilink provides fully customizable and cost-effective High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) Control and Billing solution with hospitality features unlike any other.

Allow seamless internet login for hotel guests. Recognize guests during their re-visits. Verifying guests securely with the property management system.  Casino properties can verify guests against their Players Club id's system.

High Speed Internet Access

Unilink is Nevotek's proven High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) management solution for hospitality. It facilitates enhanced login, upcharge, tiered bandwidth and monitoring capabilities 

Designed for Hospitality and flexibility

Each hotel is unique with its own standards and branding. Unilink allows hotels to reflect their branding, design and customized splash/welcome pages for their guests. Guests may login via a variety of ways - via SMS confirmation, social media login, complimentary internet access, via room number and last name, and even for conference and group attendees using their group code. Nevotek’s best-in-class HSIA solution is seamlessly integrated with PMS and compatible with major Wi-Fi infrastructures such as Cisco, Meraki, Cisco DNA Spaces, Aruba, Ruckus, Nomadix and many more. Both on-prem and cloud communications are supported.

Visitors and Event Attendees are Welcome

Hotels can manage event and conference attendees by creating a single conference code for the event. Maximum number of devices and expiration dates can be established. Hotel has full oversight of who is using the network, and how much bandwidth they use.


Direct Integration with AP Controllers

Unilink is designed to integrate with Cisco WLC, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, and Ruckus access point controllers without additional hardware requirement. Regardless of access point controller brand, Unilink manages clients’ internet speed and duration of the connection. Unilink can also handle multi-property hotels with different  or shared Wi-Fi infrastructures.

Seamless Login Across Stays via HOTSPOT 2.0 Support
and MAC Randomization Compatibility

Unilink allows guests to skip authentication on every hotel stay and enjoy seamless internet access by supporting Hotspot 2.0 and the latest Mac Randomization regulation from the leading mobile carriers. With this latest HotSpot 2.0 technology Unilink helps hotel brands improve guest recognition, engagement, and loyalty across properties.

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