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Cloud technologies allows us to build systems that are


Improving energy efficiency

Monitored, managed, and maintained easily

Scalable and extendable

Without capital investment costs


Explore how VipConnect help you to adapt Webex Calling in healthcare.

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VipConnect Webex opens a new era in healthcare unified communications. Healthcare facilities are enabled with simpler but more powerful cloud communications without sacrificing from essential features.

Nevotek VipConnect solution is now integrated into Webex Calling. Cloud technologies waive requirements of having complex infrastructures on-prem and allows operations to be run on the cloud. With more than 21 years of experience in industry, and integration with HIS, Nevotek enables Webex calling in healthcare. Nevotek’s reach HIS integration and wide range of feature set, makes Webex Calling suitable for any hospital.

A New Phone for Each Patient

Knowing your patient is one of the major key points in healthcare. Every patient room has a phone, so why not give each-of your patient “a new phone” when they admitted to hospital? By updating the patient’s name upon admission, clearing past call history, and authorizing outgoing calls or limit calls with only internal. VIPConnect makes the patients feels like that their room phone is commissioned genuinely for them.

Add Value on Patient in Room Phones

VIPConnect provides hospitality services to patients over in-room phone such as voicemail, wake up calls, DND (Do Not Disturb), All those services can be used by patients automatically without anyone involved, like forwarding all calls to voicemail in DND mode.

Make Housekeepers’ Tasks Easier

The benefits of VIPConnect helps staff update housekeeping status, room status via phone and it will update the Operation Management Systems directly. No more taking paper notes or calls needed- just dial an automated IVR and enter the correct code!

Real Time Posting

VIPConnect’s billing and accounting module tracks all telephony communications costs in real time and posts charges according to the price policy. Call charges reflect on call reports in seconds, so the hospital is protected against lost revenue from patient phone calls.


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