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Luxury cruise liners, heavy duty work vessels, sea platforms and yachts create new services to their guests and crews by integrating marine systems on a single platform together with Cisco UCS & IP-Phones... 


XMLConnect customizes hospital room phones for the hospital’s brand identity and provides multi-language phone services for patients. By using XMLConnect services patient can enjoy interactive healthcare services. Hospitals and clinics can integrate their patient services like reminder, voicemail and more with the in-room telephony.

Designed for Healthcare

XMLConnect allows hospitals display their brand identity on their phone screens and enhances patient services with one-touch functionality, including calling the nurse desk or accessing their voicemail box. Patients can also schedule their own automated reminder calls, saving the hospital overhead while delivering reminder call reporting directly to the nurse desk.

Integrated with HIS Systems

Since XMLConnect is fully integrated with the hospitals’ HIS (Hospital Information Systems), patients names are displayed automatically on the screen and languages are set to their preferences automatically. Finally, even functions like food ordering, setting the room to Do Not Disturb mode, viewing  bill or even checking test results can now be possible for the hospital patient via their in-room phone.


No More Printed Menus or Booklet on In-Room Table

Say goodbye to in-room menu cards as with XMLConnect hospitals can now provide any guide, food ordering menu or safety information over the in-room phone screen. Any update to the content is easily updated in minutes.


Make Housekeepers’ Tasks Easier

The benefits of XMLConnect are also felt by your staff - as housekeeping staff can now report special condition of room and room status via the phone directly, it will update the Hospital Information Systems. No more paper notes or admission calls needed- just dial an automated IVR and enter the correct code!


Needs Some Assistance to Turn Off the Lights?

Imagine being unable and not having someone to assist you to turn off the room lights – in those cases, XMLConnect’s room control feature is the perfect solution for personal assistance, with ability to turn off lights without getting up, simple by using the Phone screen environmental controls.  It can be integrated with most of the industry’s leading Building Management Systems.

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