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Boost up your guest experiences with content-rich and high quality interactive hospitality TVs

Primary requirement for building positive guest experience is successful delivery of engagement and infotainment services. Hospitality IPTV systems have great interactive info-tainment and room control capabilities for the guests and staff. Whether it is a hotel, resort or boutique hotel, guests and staff can get many benefits from interactive IPTV services.

Boost your guest experiences with content-rich and interactive in-room TV's with premium content. Nevo TV is designed for entertainment, information and engagement needs of today's hotels. It has innovative new set of TV features to promote your hotel services, generate additional revenue lines and increase guest loyalty. NevoTV helps you improve your guests’ in-room experience via fully customizable info-tainment content and enhanced comfort by integrating 3rd party systems and devices.


Designed for Hospitality

NevoTV is a purpose designed interactive hospitality IPTV application with TV channels, video content, streaming and various integrated value-added services for your hotel.

Integrated with Property Management Systems (PMS)

Guests interact with a TV that displays their name, and a welcome screen in their native language. NevoTV is seamlessly integrated with Property Management Systems. Guest concierge services on the TV are personalized based on guests’ preferences defined in the PMS, along with hospitality services such as in-room ordering, wakeup, DND, view bill, messaging, favorite stations and more.

Casting from mobile is Easy as Scanning a QR Code

Nevotek is pleased to introduce NevoCast. The new feature to enhance your guests’ experience by integrating NevoTV with Chromecast and Apple TV. NevoCast enables your guests enjoying their personal content and cast their favorite app to in-room hotel TVs. With NevoCast, network security is enforced as each hotel room will have a designated private network so guests can cast only to their own in-room TV.


Following Up the Technology

NevoTV is designed to work with all hospitality TV sets from all major TV vendors. LG, Samsung, Philips, Vestel and Beko are a few to mention. If preferred, legacy TV sets can also be utilized by adding a Set Top Box, consolidated behind the TV. Mixing legacy TS's with hospitality TV's is also possible.  Hoteliers can still keep their existing cable or satellite subscriptions as NevoTV works with Cable, IP or Hybrid  TV channel distributions.

Flexible Integration with Third Party Systems

Your guests do more than surfing channels with NevoTV. Nevotek integrates hotel TVs with third party systems such as room control. Guests can control lights, curtains and air conditioning via TV, order in room-dining with PMS integration. Hotels can offer notification services for guests about emergencies, waiting messages, etc 

Touchless, the New Normal 

Due Covid 19 precautions, hospitality industry is in high demand for touchless solutions for their guests. Reducing or if at all possible removing common touch points is a target most hoteliers are striving to achieve. NevoTV allows guests control in-room TV with their personal mobile device by just scanning a QR code on their TV welcome screen.

For more information about Nevotek Touchless solution, please click here for NevoTouchless. Along with personal mobile devices, guests can also control their in-room TV with voice activated Amazon Alexa commands. Please click here to learn more about NevoAssist

NevoTV touchless is a "NO App Download" feature of NevoTV

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