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Offer high-quality interactive services on corporate IP telephone systems ​


Corporates are looking for ways to empower their employees and simplify operations in a customizable, personalized, and cost-efficient way. XMLConnect services are powerful, flexible set of application services that enable users enjoy interactive corporate services on IP Phones.


Nevotek’s XMLConnect solution is a complete XML services set, scalable up to large global corporate environments with different geographic locations around the world and designed for high-quality user experience. Companies in any industry can easily integrate their corporate services through XMLConnect. The solution enables customization of corporate phones based on brand identity and provides multi-language phone services.

Integrated with third party systems, XMLConnect incorporates wide range of customizable and personalized features ranging from personal to corporate directory, organization information and broadcast services as well as controlling the lights and blinds.

Designed for all industries

XMLConnect allows companies display their brand identity on their phone screens and enhances User Services with one-touch functionality, including calling Reception, Meeting Rooms, colleagues or accessing their voicemail boxes. With XML services menu, employees find answers to most of their daily questions without calling any other departments.

Easy to find contact and call with one click,

XMLConnect offers advanced corporate directory so employees can search by department, title, position, branch, etc. Any information that is defined on active directory can be used to search for a contact and once contact details are displayed on screen, it is easy to call with one click.

Integrated with billing and reporting systems

Since XMLConnect is fully integrated with Sigma5 Billing and Reporting solution of Nevotek, employees are able to see their monthly usage / bill on the phone service. Also, they can check their remaining quota, assigned to their phone calls. For more information about Sigma5.


No more non-authorized phone calls.

Say ‘goodbye’ to your surprising international call costs after business hours with XMLConnect. Employees can lock/unlock their phone with their personal PIN codes when they are away from their desk to prevent other people using their phone.

Why to walk away from desk to turn off the lights or lower window blinds?

You don’t need to stand up to turn off the room lights or lower window blinds for presentation – in those cases, XMLConnect’s room control feature is a time saver, with ability to control room enviroment by using the Phone screen.  It integrates with most of the industry’s leading Building Management Systems.

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